About us

The Physician Health Program of British Columbia is here to support and advocate for BC physicians, resident doctors, and medical students, as well as their partners and dependent children. We help with a wide range of physical, mental, and relationship challenges.

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PHPBC is funded by Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health, but operates independently from each of these organizations. We are governed by a steering committee appointed by the funders, and managed by the Doctors of BC.

Our vision

To support a healthy, connected and resilient physician community.

Our mission

The Physician Health Program of BC helps physicians, trainees and their families by

  • Fostering an environment of health and wellness
  • Offering prompt, personalized help with issues including (but not limited to):
    • Physical health
    • Mental health and addictions
    • Difficult relationships
  • Advocating for the individual and collective health of physicians.

Our staff & professional resources

Executive Director – Dr. Andrew Clarke
Clinical Coordinators – Carol Faris, Lucy McCullough, Roxanne Joyce, Deanna Wilson
Program Physicians – Dr. Kathleen McGarvey, Dr. Doug McGhee, Dr. Peter Gibson, Dr. Maureen Mayhew
Senior Administrative Assistant – Karen McNaught
Operations Analyst – Rohan Vora

Our Steering Committee

The  Physician Health Program is governed by a six-member committee with two co-chairs. The members are:
Doug Blackie - Ministry of Health Co-Chair
Charuka Maheswaran - Doctors of BC Co-Chair
Sam Williams - Ministry of Health Representative
Selena Lawrie - Ministry of Health Representative
Yusuf Bawa - Doctors of BC Representative
Ashok Krishnamoorthy - Doctors of BC Representative