Local Wellness Supports

Please contact your local Division of Family Practice and/or your Medical Staff Association for local physician wellness initiatives.

Local Peer Support Programs

Many local physician organizations offer a physician peer support program that delivers 1:1 non-clinical emotional peer support for physicians experiencing distressing situations such as a college complaint, bad patient outcome, workplace conflict or life changes that might impact work.

Regional Wellness Supports

Health authorities vary in the availability of wellness supports for physicians. Please reach out to your local health authority to better understand whether you are eligible for supports through your health authority.

Doctors of BC Regional Advisors and Advocates

Doctors of BC has a team of Regional Advisors and Advocates (RAAs) who support physicians in the communities where you live and work. They offer advice and advocacy support, referrals to Doctors of BC services, resources and benefits and more.

Provincial Wellness Supports

BC Physician Health Program:

Offers confidential support, counselling, referral and health system navigation support for physicians, medical trainees and their families for a wide range of issues such as mental health concerns, relationship issues, life transitions, financial issues and more.

Physician Peer Support Group Sessions:

Free drop-in virtual physician peer support group sessions for physicians and residents every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 12pm. Sessions are hosted by PHP consulting psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Russel and Manager, Clinical Services and Registered Clinical Counsellor, Roxanne Joyce.

Doctors of BC

In addition to the Regional Advisors and Advocates mentioned above, Doctors of BC has many provincial supports available to physicians such as Insurance Advisors, the Practice Support Program, support for physician leadership training and more.

Resident Doctors of BC

Resident Doctors of BC (RDBC) is a professional association that represents 1300 resident doctors working all over BC. They raise awareness about who resident doctors are and what they do. RDBC offers various initiatives to encourage resident wellness such as an after hours food program, resident lounge support, group sports funding and more.

UBC Resident Wellness Office

Whether you’re seeking support around stress and time management, looking to improve your communication at work or with loved ones, learning ways to manage moods (depression, anxiety), or dealing with a loss or life transition, the Resident Wellness Office is here to listen. They offer free and confidential counselling for residents, group support, referrals, workshops and more.

National Wellness Supports

Physician Wellness Hub

Provides original CMA content and curated resources and information from trusted sources for physicians, residents and medical students seeking guidance and self-help.

Wellness Connection

A virtual, safe space for physicians and medical learners to gather to discuss shared experiences, get support, seek advice and help each other. CMA Virtual group support sessions are led by trained facilitators, are available each week. There are sessions on mindful parenting, compassion rounds, psychological first aid, stress reduction and more.

Canadian Medical Protective Association

The CMPA is a not-for-profit, mutual defence association which is governed by a council of physicians representing members from across Canada.