Our Team

Tom Rapanakis
Vice President and Executive Director

Dr. Anne Nguyen, MD, CCFP(AM), diplSAM
Physician Lead
Roxanne Joyce, MA, RCC
Manager of Clinical Services

Patzi Baranowska
Manager, PHP Business Operations
Felicia Phan, MPH
Manager, Physician Health Outreach

Program Physicians

Program physicians offer intake support, peer support, and advice to physicians on their situation. Our team includes physicians with expertise in psychiatry, family medicine, occupational medicine, addictions and others. They do not act as treating physicians or most responsible provider to physician-patients.

Dr. Doug McGhee, MD CCFP(AM) CCSAM
Dr. Joyce Coutts, MD CCFP(AM, COE) dABAM
Dr. Karen Palmer, MD FRCPC
Dr. Kathleen McGarvey, MD FRCPC
Dr. Maureen Mayhew, MDCM MPH PCC
Dr. Peter Gibson, MD FRCPC

PHP’s response was not only confidential, but also personal, human, and reassuring. It felt like speaking to a close friend, especially when speaking to the Program Physician, who was the first person I spoke to. The Program Physician had immediate sympathy because they were in the same profession. It required less effort and less stress to talk about my issues and difficulties with someone who had the same background.

Mid Career Physician

Clinical Coordinators

Clinical Coordinators provide case management, health system navigation, community referrals and proactive follow-up support. They listen to physicians’ concerns, support them to identify their needs and connect them with the appropriate supports and community services. Our Clinical Coordinators have training in counselling, social work, nursing, occupational health and other areas of allied health. They do not provide direct psychotherapy support.

Alice Watson, RMN, MSc (NMC UK)
Kristina Auman, RSW MSW
Dalal Badawi, MSW
Dolores Langford, PT, DPT
Julie Longo, MScOT
Hilary Nolle, RN
Emily Fetterly, RN, MScN

I didn’t expect the clinical coordinator to spend so much time with me on the phone the first time. That was a really nice surprise and I felt that they were not rushing me. I felt like I was talking to a human I could relate to rather than someone trying to give me generic advice or counsel me as a doctor. It’s really nice to have that interaction.

Medical Student

Administrative Staff

Our administrative team ensures physicians and physician-trainees accessing our services have a smooth and streamlined experience by directing inquiries to the appropriate supports, coordinating our family doctor connection service to promote the ongoing health of our physician community, and providing administrative support to all our clinical operations.

Ines Becker
Natasha Dias
Mark Lee
Niki Hern
Karla Corte