Our services are supportive, private and personalized. PHP is licensed as a medical office, and speaking to us is as confidential as speaking to your own personal family physician. Any information you share is held in the strictest confidence. This includes not only your personal and health information, but also the fact that you contacted us.

We are committed to ensuring that any information we collect about our clients is confidential, accurate and safe. The PHP will not share your information with external parties unless you provide explicit consent or as required by law. PHP follows the same duty to report guidelines that any treating physician caring for another colleague or health professional would. For more details, please see our privacy policy.

Our counselling service is provided in partnership with Telus Health. Please visit the Telus Health website for their privacy policy. Your interactions with the our counselling and other services will not be linked to any Doctors of BC membership records.

If you have further questions regarding our confidentiality and privacy, please contact our administrative office at 604-398-4300 or email

Statement on Telus Health acquisition of Lifeworks

Lifeworks has been providing strong supports for PHP clients for over 9 years. Their services, including 24/7 intake, counselling in person and by video or phone, have been exceptional especially during the unprecedented demand resulting from the COVID pandemic. In 2022, we conducted a request for proposal (RFP) for these services as part of best practices, and Lifeworks was successful in winning the contract to continue this work. Shortly after the contract was awarded, Lifeworks was acquired by Telus Health. The actual change will take effect August 31.

It is important that our clients understand they will continue to receive the same excellent level of support, and that guarantees have been provided to ensure our data will remain confidential. It will not be shared with other Telus Health divisions, or with anyone else within or outside of Telus Health. In our negotiations with Telus Health, we have ensured that the bespoke relationship with PHP will continue. It is also important to note that the team that serves us will remain the same (counsellors, intake people, and relationship partners), and that PHP will continue to have a strong, integrated relationship with them.

Clients will notice starting in September Telus Health will be mentioned in our phone intake greeting. They can rest assured that they will continue to receive the same high-quality, confidential services they have always received from us.