Clinical Services

Services available for physicians, trainees and family members

24/7 confidential helpline

Call our 24-hour, confidential helpline and you can be connected immediately with a licensed Telus Health clinical counsellor. We provide intake assessments and crisis counselling for callers any time of day or night. This line also acts as an access point to the services described below.

Short-term counselling

The PHP offers flexible short-term counselling from a network of clinical counsellors who are trained and experienced in supporting physicians. Our counselling service is provided in partnership with an external vendor, Telus Health, and our PHP Clinical Coordinators offer proactive follow-up to ensure your needs are being met.

Referrals to specialized coaches and therapists

We can also help connect you with a specialized coach, counsellor or therapist who can address your specific challenges and needs. Examples of these specialized coaches and therapists include communication coaching, life coaching and executive functioning coaching. These professionals operate outside of the Physician Health Program, are not affiliated with our contracted network and you may have to self-pay.

Help supporting a physician you are concerned about

We will plan and coordinate an approach with you to help ensure any physician in need receives appropriate support. This service is available to any member of the general public for supporting physicians you are concerned about.

I felt that I was really given a tailored approach to some of the issues I was facing. My clinical coordinator gave me a menu of different options. Not only was I offered the traditional short term counselling, but she gave me a list of longer term counsellors, focus groups, peer support and coaching. I was really pleased with all of the services offered.

Mid Career Physician

Services available for physicians and trainees only

Peer Support

We offer direct, physician-to-physician help with personal or professional issues. Whether you’re dealing with a complaint, a negative clinical outcome, workload stress, or any other challenge, you’ll receive confidential support from a physician experienced in supporting colleagues.

Connection to a family physician

We can help connect you with your own personal family physician. Having an active, longitudinal relationship with a family physician of your own is an important component of maintaining your health and wellbeing.

To request a connection to a family physician, please click here.

Transitioning back to work or school

We provide coaching, planning, and follow-up support to help you make your transition back to work or school smooth and coordinated while both prioritizing your health and ensuring the safety of patients.

To learn more about our return to work support service, please click here.

Occupational health consultations

We support you in better understanding how your health influences your work and how your work impacts your health. We may offer recommendations on what accommodations could be considered to ensure a healthy working environment for you.

Strengthening Workplace Relationships

We can help you enhance your workplace relationships and improve your communication habits to strengthen your ability to collaborate and face challenges with your team. Please note that we do not provide mediation services.