What happens when you call?

You may consider reaching out to PHP when you are dealing with personal or professional challenges ranging from physical and mental health issues, managing work-life balance, relationship stress, career transitions, and concern for colleagues. Below describes who you may interact with when you contact PHP:

1. You reach out to PHP via our 24/7 helpline, direct line or email.
  • If you call our 24/7 helpline, you’ll immediately be connected with a licensed Telus Health clinical counsellor.
  • If you call our direct line or email us, you will reach our administrative team.
2. You will be connected with PHP’s clinical team.
  • The Telus Health counsellor or our administrative team will schedule a call or connect you with a PHP Clinical Coordinator and/or a Program Physician as soon as possible.
  • Every physician is assigned a Clinical Coordinator to support them to identify their needs and connect them with the appropriate support and community services.
  • Every physician has the opportunity to connect with a Program Physician for peer support, advice, consultation and help identifying appropriate resources.
  • PHP clinical coordinators and program physicians do not provide direct counselling or treatment services.
3. PHP will connect you with the appropriate services and follow up.
  • Your PHP clinical team will work with you to develop a personalized plan and offer you the appropriate PHP services to meet your needs.
  • Your Clinical Coordinator will proactively and regularly follow up with you via phone and email to ensure that your needs are being met.

I contacted PHP because I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed by a child with behavioural issues and a breakdown in my marriage. I was impressed with the amount and duration of follow up that was provided. With their support, I changed my parenting style and created a safe space at home for my child, which has fostered better relationships and a happy home life for everyone in the family. Don’t hesitate to contact PHP for support. Their services are confidential and have the potential to affect positive change in you and your loved one’s lives.

Mid Career Physician