Care for a Colleague: Be a Doctor for a Doctor

By providing care for just one colleague through a PHP referral, you will make a positive difference in your community.

Physicians need their own family physician or nurse practitioner (NP) too – having a longitudinal relationship with a family practitioner is an important part of any physician’s health. Alongside other services, the Physician Health Program (PHP) has been helping physicians and medical trainees find their own family physician for the past 10 years. Demand for this service continues to increase each year, with 575+ family physician matches made in 2021 and over 250 physicians currently on the waitlist. The PHP needs your help in supporting the physician community.

Let us know if you are interested!

Attaching just one physician patient at your practice will be an immense help to PHP in expediting connections between physicians and their own primary care providers. If you are a family physician or nurse practitioner willing to accept a referral from PHP, please let us know here:

It takes less than five minutes to indicate interest. Your information and interest will be kept confidential. By responding, you are not committing yourself to a certain number of patients or an on-going commitment to accept referrals from PHP. If you have questions, please call us at 604-398-4300 or email

We are so appreciative of our existing network of family physicians and nurse practitioners who already accept PHP referrals. We thank you for considering this opportunity to support our physician community, especially during these unprecedented times.

This expansion effort to improve access to PHP’s family doctor connection service is possible thanks partly to funding from Scotiabank, MD financial and the Canadian Medical Association as part of the new Physician Wellness+ Initiative, which aims to address the urgent and ongoing health and wellness needs of physicians and medical learners.


Why help PHP attach physician-patients?

  • Support your colleagues in need of help during challenging times
  • PHP will liaise with the patient and your office to make attaching the physician-patient as seamless as possible
  • PHP is here to support you with your physician-patient
    • If the physician-patient needs community referrals, counselling, return to work support, occupational health assessment, case management support, etc. PHP can liaise with you and connect the physician-patient with appropriate supports
  • No commitment involved – if circumstances change and you are no longer able to attach more patients, you may decline when PHP reaches out to you

How does the referral work?

A PHP administrative assistant will provide your contact details to a physician-patient when there is a match and encourage them to contact you directly and identify themselves as a PHP referral. The physician-patient has three weeks to book at appointment with you and if they do not book, we give the spot to someone else. 

If the PHP client is receiving other services from PHP such as occupational health consultations, counselling, return to work planning, etc., our clinical team will be in contact with you to keep you aware of the supports provided and include you in care planning as appropriate.

What if the physician client needs additional support?

Please do not hesitate to refer the physician-patient back to the PHP. We have a skilled clinical team, counselling network and suite of physicians health services we can leverage to support and connect the physician client with additional services as you recommend.

What happens if there is a conflict in taking on this new physician-patient or there isn’t a good fit?

Please let us know and we will help the physician-patient connect to another practitioner.

How will I be compensated?

Compensation for accepting a PHP referral will be through standard MSP billing codes for the specific care provided, as you would do for any other patient.

What if I am no longer taking patients after I indicate interest?

Please feel free to contact us to let us know. We will take you off our list so you are not contacted in the future.