Physician Health Program

How we can help.

Before you make a request

The Physician Health Program (PHP) believes that all physicians should establish a long-term, trusting relationship with a primary care provider (PCP).

PCPs can be in short supply. Given the constraints, our program policies are as follows:

  1. Please make a request for attachment only when you are ready to see it through to an actual appointment with a PCP.
    • If we succeed in matching you to a PCP, but you do not book an appointment within three weeks of receiving the match, your relationship is not established, and the match may no longer be valid.
    • Should you miss this deadline, we will ask you to wait six months before offering the matching service to you again.
  2. Please note that this service is available to physicians and trainees only, and not to their family members.
    • Once you have established a relationship with your PCP, you may ask about the possibility of accepting your family members as patients; however, the PHP cannot liaise this relationship and your PCP may decline this request.
  3. Be advised that, in certain cases, the PHP partners with local Divisions of Family Practice who perform the task of matching PCPs to our physician-clients.
    • Only your gender, year of birth and any potential reasons for urgency are transmitted to the partner organization. Your name and other identifying information are not transmitted.

To make a request for attachment to a PCP:

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent notifying you that your request has been received.
  3. Once a suitable PCP match has been found, another email will be sent informing you of the contact details and booking instructions for your new PCP.
  4. Contact your new PCP within 3 weeks to book your first appointment; please note that your appointment need not occur within 3 weeks.
    • Your relationship with the PCP is not confirmed until you book a first appointment.
  5. Confirm with us that you have booked an appointment, and that your relationship is established.

Information required: