Psychotherapy Group

PHP is delighted to offer a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Group for BC Physicians only. This is an experiential process based group that provides an opportunity for participants to enhance self-awareness, and foster understanding of thoughts, feelings and beliefs in relation to their past experiences, especially as a child. Group therapy has shown to have similar or better positive impact as individual therapy. There will be opportunities for group participants to share physician-specific experiences, develop interpersonal connections and a sense of belonging, and provide mutual support.  


  • 20-week series of 1.5 hour closed group sessions led by Dr. Jo Hoffman, psychiatrist, and Jena Mekhlis, MA RCC
  • Delivered virtually via Zoom, 8-10 physician participants per group


The group is currently on pause, we will provide further updates when it reopens.

What will you need to participate?

  • Availability to attend all 20 sessions. Regular attendance is requested.
  • Computer, laptop, or handheld device with Zoom app and webcam
  • Fast, stable internet connection
  • Private room from which you can join

Whom will this serve?

  • BC Physicians

How much does this cost?

Free – BC Physicians are covered through MSP


 Dr. Jo Hoffman, a Physician (McMaster Medical School, 1985) Psychiatrist (Psychiatry Residency, UBC 2005) and Psychoanalyst (Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, 2012), had the opportunity to work in a broad range of clinical venues from large multidisciplinary mental health teams to solo private practice. These experiences have enabled her to develop breadth and depth in the resources she brings to encounters with patients and colleagues and helped her define the principles and values that guide her in her clinical work. She believes that strong, flexible and thoughtfully implemented frame and boundaries create a safe and predictable environment where principled, authentic, and resilient relationships are created. She believes it is in the fertile soil of these relationships that we all have the best opportunity to first understand, and then overcome impediments to our growth – freeing us to become all of who we are and can be.

Jena Mekhlis has a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Jena completed her Master of Arts degree in 2010 from Adler University in Vancouver BC. Jena’s previous work experience includes providing counselling to individuals, couples and families who struggle with a wide variety of mental health concerns (e.g. work burnout, grief, parenting, relationship breakdown, depression, and anxiety). Jena is the youngest of 4 siblings with South African Heritage. Jena grew up with a father as a physician as well as sister who is now a psychiatrist. Jena has a passion for mental health and is grateful to be in a supportive role for physicians in BC.

Questions and Enrollment

  • For questions about this group, please email
  • Currently, this group is available to PHP physician clients only.