Video Vignettes

Video vignettes produced by the PHP to illustrate techniques of compassionate communication are available on YouTube.

Requests for Comments

We use the term Request for Comments (RFC) to mean a document authored by experts in physician health that describes how to optimize the health of physicians in the contexts where they practice and learn. RFCs are presented here: 1) for peer review; 2) to convey new concepts and information; or 3) to summarize and encapsulate existing information in a convenient form. Organizations outside the PHP-BC might choose to adopt these RFCs as standards, or reference them in the development of practice guidelines. For more information on RFCs, and how they are used in other contexts, click here. To submit comments about an RFC posted here, please send us an email.

Medicine and Motherhood: Can We Talk?

This guide is a consensus-based document that was developed by and published by the Physician Health Program of British Columbia.  The project team, which was created and supported by the PHPBC, included a broad range of members of the physician community in BC.  The document uses evidence to support its findings and recommendations, with the goal of supporting various stakeholders to discuss the accommodation of pregnant physicians. Although we have tried to make this report as useful as possible to a broad range of audiences, we anticipate that others may want to adapt it to other purposes and needs, or to update it as new evidence and experience emerges. To facilitate this adaptation and reuse, we have chosen to publish the report under a Creative Commons License. We always welcome your comments about how you have used the document, or how it could be improved.